911 Verification Form
911 Verification From
Notice of Commencement NOC
Notice of Commencement to be filed with the Clerk's Office
Peddler's License Application
Peddler's License Application
Turtle Lighting Affidavit
Turtle Lighting Affidavit to be submitted with Dock Permit application

GIS Maps

GIS Zone Look up Map


Flood Map
Northwest Florida Water Management District Flood Information Portal
Franklin County Code of Ordinances
Online Code Repository for Franklin County Ordinances

Zoning Applications

PZA Board Commercial Development Application
PZA Board Critical Shoreline Application
PZA Board Final Plat Application
PZA Board Preliminary Plat Application
PZA Board Sketch Plat Application
PZA Board Special Exception Application
PZA Board Variance Application
Re-Zoning Land Use Application
S-4 Lanark Special District PZA Board Application
Application for any proposed development based on the S-4 Special District Ordinance

Zoning Maps

Zoning Maps PDF
PDF Zoning Maps

Zoning Ordinances

A-1 Forestry Conservation Zoning Regulations
A-2 Forestry Agriculture Zoning Regulations
C-1 Commercial Fishing Zoning Regulations
C-2 Commercial Business Zoning Regulations
C-3 Commercial Recreational Zoning Regulations
C-4 Mixed Use Residential Zoning Regulations
P-1 Preservation
P-2 Recreation District
R-1 Single Family Residential Zoning Regulations
R-2 Single Family Mobile Home Zoning Regulations
R-3 Single Family Estate Residential Zoning Regulations
R-4 Single Family Home Industry Zoning Regulations
R-5 Multi Family Zoning Regulations
R-6 Rural Residential Zoning Regulations
R-7 Multi Family High Density Zoning Regulations
R-8 Multi Family Medium Density Zoning Regulations
S-4 Lanark Village Special District
S-5 Mobile Home Parks
St. George Island Overlay District 2018-02
Overlay District Ordinance and Map
The Franklin County Zoning Code
Full Zoning Code PDF
Z-1 Public Facilities District

Zoning Permit Applications

Development Application
Application for Seawalls, Riprap, and Boat Lifts
Renovation/Repair Application
Application for Dock repairs
Site Prep Permit Application
Zoning Dock Application
Application for a Zoning Permit to install a new dock.


2022 Comprehensive Plan
Commercial Parking Requirements
Pages 42 - 44 of the Franklin County Zoning Ordinance
Dock Ordinance
Ordinance NO 2004-17
Metal Building Ordinance
Ordinance NO 2018-03
Peddler's Ordinance
Ordinance NO 96-14
Signage Ordinance Section 450
Section 450 of the Frankin County Zoning Ordinance
Travel Trailer Ordinance
Ordinance NO 82-6
Turtle Lighting Ordinance
Ordinance NO 2015-1
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