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See an issue that goes against Franklin County Rules and Regulations?

By law, no complaint or concern can be submitted anonymously.

  • To submit your complaint or concern by using the Report a Concern/Complaint feature, visit the Franklin County Florida website here.
  • You can also submit your complaint or concern by emailing concerns@franklincountyflorida.com.

What happens after I file my complaint or concern?

  • Once you have filed your complaint or concern, you can check the status on the Code Enforcement Public Portal
  • Please be aware that the nature of your concern may take time for us to review, investigate and direct the information through the proper channels for resolution. We ask for your patience and understanding while staff is works on your concern.

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The Franklin County Zoning Department assist in assigning 911 addresses to deeded lots and parcels throughout Franklin County. You can check the Property Appraisal website to verify if your parcel already have an address assigned

To get an address assigned to your property, follow steps below:

If your property already has an address assigned, you do not need to do a 911 verification form.

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The Franklin County Zoning Department Issues Peddler’s Licenses.

  • You can Peddle on Commercial Private Property
  • Expires December 31st of each year


  • $150.00

Required Documents

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When proposing to build within the Coastal Construction Control Line, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires a letter from the Franklin County Zoning department verifying that the proposed project does not contravene with local setback requirements of zoning codes.

You can check to see if your property is located seaward of the CCCL on the State of Florida Coastal Construction Control Line Mapper here

Step One: Check your property zone and setback requirements

Step Two: Check the CCCL Map to verify if your property resides within the CCCL area

Step Three: Contact the Zoning department with the required documents below.

Required Documents

  • Site Plan

    • Site plan must depict all proposed structures with dimensions, and their distance from each required county setback
    • Site plan must be drawn to scale
  • Site Survey

  • Email documents to: cortnib@franklincountyflorida.gov

  • Please allow at least 5 to 7 business days for your request to be processed

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